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Embrace the Qualities of Non-linear Love

Welcome to February....

The national month in which we celebrate LOVE

I am so grateful to share with you, this month's topic. With all of the political news in the air and this being the month of Valentine's Day, I thought it appropriate and timely to share more about the non-linear aspects of LOVE.

Linear can also be represented as masculine and non-linear as feminine energy. Both are needed and together create harmony and balance.

It is my observation that we have been heavily relying on the energy of the masculine. While linear ways of being definitely serve us, balancing with the feminine energy brings us into a space of harmony and well-being; both indiviudally and collectively.

Masculine energy invites us to focus on competittion, objectives, action plans and goals. This is where having our weekly calendar comes in. When we effort to get something done, like working harder and with more fervor, this too is masculine. Masculine energy gives form to things, it takes non-verbal and non-linear communication and defines it.

While this is all good, great and necessary, without the equal expression of non-linear, or feminine energy, we miss out on so much. 

A truth that keeps me in balance is the acknowledgement that up to 99% of communication is non-verbal (non-linear).

This keeps me in balance because it reminds me to look and feel beyond the direct communication I have received. This reminds me to listen to my intuition and trust my gut feelings. It also gives me solice when something is not turning out like I thought it should, lovingly reminding me that Spirit is in charge and my power comes from not the definite knowing, rather through deep reverence, trust and the experience of co-creation. 

Acknowledging the need for both masculine & feminine, moves us to a place of valuing the integration rather than the polarity. With this understanding I can embrace my feelings as a vibrational interpretation of my experience and use the linear parts of my mind to know when to act or how to move forward. 

Self Care and Self Love do not follow a linear path either, it is less about your plan and more about the depth at which you will go for yourself.

This month, and beyond, I invite you to allow yourself to experience more of your non-linear side. 

How can you move throughout your life with more flow and ease? 

Can you be a witness to your emotions and experience them as a vibrational interpretation of your experience? 

Can you ask yourself how you want to FEEL in all of those New Year's goals you have planned? 

Stay tuned this month for my favorite tips & tools to harmonize the masculine & feminine. I so look forward to sharing!

Watch this Vlog to learn more about... 

The Frequency of Love - how we can tune into the space in-between Right & Wrong 

Quantum physics perspectives which align us with a non-linear approach to healing and expressing love 

Ah-ha's which inspire you to step into a more non-linear way of being!

Tapping Into the Non-linear Qualities of LOVE

Affirmation for tuning into the Love Frequency (528H) 

I AM love. Love is a frequency and energy, and I AM an open channel for love. I AM completely in tune with the presence of God within me. 

Additional Resources about the Concepts my Vlog Explores... 
February Happenings with Danae:

Your Conscious Mind Workshop
Restoring Life Chiropractic

Did you know the average person is using less than 1% of their consciousness? 

Or that the brain is wired to move towards proving its beliefs and disapproving any belief in opposition to it? 

Which means most of us are operating in a space of unconscious reaction to our engrained habits. 

This also means the power of our beliefs weigh heavily on our ability to create positive habits and sustainable change. 

In this session of Conscious Mind We Will... 

Learn how to create sustainable change & set goals through the practice on intention setting. 

This session will dive in deep to your goals and beliefs around them. I will teach you ways to practice getting into alignment so that accomplishing your goals will become easy, effortless & sustainable! 

Overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back, ground & tune into your own power, & create an affirmation practice. 

While consciousness & personal evolution are a moment to moment phenomenon, it is highly effective and intentional to tune in to and claim what you want to mainfest in 2017!

The 4 Directions Meditation Series 
Healing the Sacred Hoop 
at Urban Yoga
Meditation is a tool for mindfulness and conscious living. The best way to guide our life is through intuitive guidance, but we first need to know how to use our internal compass. 

The four directions provide us insight and guidance of our inner and outer world and how they co-exist. The four directions are incorporated in the Native American Medicine Wheel, also known a the Sacred Hoop. This wheel symbolizes cycles of life and of healing.Associated with the elements, seasons, emotions, cycles and aspects of life; like intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical. We will explore these associations through meditation, breathwork and contemplation. 

Week 1 (Feb. 2): East - Air, Spring, Old Age, Wisdom & Peace 

Week 2 (Feb. 9): South - Fire, Summer, Childhood, Passion & Faith 

Week 3 (Feb. 16): West - Water, Fall, Adolescence, Emotions & Heart Wisdom 

Week 4 (Feb. 23): North - Earth, Winter, Adulthood, Manifestation & Will 

Connecting with each direction and the seasons of nature, to complete your harvest - from seed to fruition, allows you to step into greater alignment and a sustained sense of balance, peace, joy and wholeness. 

Drop in ($17.00 / class) for a specific Direction or Element Practice, or complete the Wheel & feel the full effects of well-being ($60.00 4 week series).
To Sign up for The Series or a Drop-in

The Conscious Collection
At Indra's Grace February 18th

isit Indra's Grace this day for some special Valentine's Day surprises! 

The entire line will be 20% off for the month of February, so come stock up!

I will be here supporting an amazing  Self-Love Workshop with Tai Tipton 

This is one you definitely will not want to miss! 

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May the month of February be filled with so much love that it carries over into each day there after!

Yours in expansive love & gratitude,

Danae Fentie


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