Self-care from Cell to Soul!

From Purification to Potential


Welcome to April, my Conscious Co-Creators!

Last month we dove deep into the topic of cleansing and purification. I hope the perspective I offered in last month's vlog encouraged you to approach this topic with more ease and understanding.

This month, I want to share vulnerably and tie it into the topic of Potential, since that is what we cleanse & purify optimize our potential.

Before we go deep, Here is the definition of Potential:



  1. having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

  1. latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.

Dormant Qualities...
Developing into something more...
Future of possibilities...

Sounds mesmerizing, doesn't it!?

But how do we actualize potential?

First, by gaining an understanding.

When I think of potential I immediately think of the example of the seed. The seed is just a seed AND it contains the potential of becoming a full blown tree, or plant.


Now, this potential is not promised, but it is a given. IF the conditions are right, the seed will actualize into its potential, as a plant.

The seed cannot assume its fruition, rather it has to observe and be AWARE of its potential to actualize it. The seed is just a seed until it is manifested through observation. The potential, or possibility, can also be called consciousness, which is the ground of everything. Consciousness weaves together the unseen and can be found in everything.

I hope you paused for a moment when you read the part about the responsibility of 'the right conditions' in actualizing potential.

This is oh so important when it comes to YOU.

Maybe you are a seed that is not actualizing your potential. Maybe you REALLY desire to, but you just cant seem to get it 'right', which leads you to believe that maybe you are just not one of those people who will get to have ___________________________ (fill this in with your unmet desire or need).

I mean come on now, it is a reality that you may not have been properly watered or nourished. Your childhood definitely cast dark shadows that took away from your time in the light (sunshine) so you can totally justify WHY you are not growing like all of the other seeds. So you stay dormant in actualizing your potential.


(Back to the real seed example) And yet, when we observe our potential instead of observing what is standing in the way of it, we tap into the infinite possibility of potential (or consciousness) which embodies the tiniest seed with the strength to resiliently push through conditions and obstacles, like cement. We have all seen those sprouts growing through the cracks of the sidewalk...that is real strength and purpose!

So, while conditions are integral to sustaining vitality, Consciousness allows us to leap from one state of being to another, transcending habitual patterns and actualize your full potential. We move from a state of cause and effect (everything is happening to you) to a place of infinite possibilities (everything is happening for you).

If consciousness (life) activates potential, and consciousness is found in everything, than it is suffice to say that the potential of creation lives within all beings.

I BELIEVE in your potential and I believe it is part of my life's mission to hold space and provide support for others' to actualize their potential.

It is an honor to share this information with you! Continue reading to get to the VLOG all about the Power of your Potential. I hope you enjoy.

May you choose the path of awakening to your potential.

Yours in infinite possibilities,


You are the Creator of Your World and correcting your own chaos and imbalances.


Here are some steps of progression, shared by my school, Quantum University, which bring you closer to your Full Potential.

Awareness -
asking the right questions and observation of the reality of the situation, as well as the possibilities of potential.
Attunement -
with Inner Self, realizing the dormant potential that resides within.
Intention -
to align your habits to support sustainable attunement with conscious presence.
Manifestation -
of positive health & actualized potential, which happens when we slow down.

Watch this vlog, below to dive deeper into this topic and hear about my personal experience of actualizing my potential.



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