Self-care from Cell to Soul!

Spring Renewal from Cell to Soul

Inviting in the power of purification to experience You, in a new way.

Happy March Everyone!

Already! I know! A time for new bloom, sprouts and renewal all around, which is why that is exactly where we will go this month of March, to harmonize with what is happening around us... the true sign of grace, ease and timeless aging.

The more you are tuned in and turned on (as Abraham Hicks would say) the faster time seems to go, which I contribute to the more we are immersed in what we love and what feels good, while integrating our mind, body and soul, we step into a continuum that transcends time and space. I am not saying time stops because of this, I am saying you are no long delineating your experience, rather you are living in present moment awareness,where the particle is the wave and the wave is the particle.

A little Quantum Physics for ya! To move with the waves of life we have to understand our relationship to the wave and the rhythm in which we need to attune to, to catch the wave, rather than be drowned by it.

The more I understand and have a relationship with my whole person, the more I am tuned into the shifting energy around me which allows me to move with it and choose the path of least resistance (where the good stuff hangs out).

I will never forget a moment in time that changed my life forever.

I was finishing my program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where even in a short amount of time my lifestyle took on Quantum leaps, and I had the distinct feeling that the clean eating was not enough. I felt, at a cellular and spiritual level there were 'things' I needed to let go of, I felt dense and heavy. At this same time, I was jobless (never had been out of work, but Spirit was clearly telling me to take the time to finish my studies) and beginning to look for a part time position to supplement my income while starting my coaching business.

Man on man, what happens when we pray, affirm, align and trust.

So I did, and within two weeks I had a new place in a new city, conveniently (ahem, I mean Divinely aligned) less than 5 minutes away from my NEW JOB. What was my new job, you ask!?

I created a position for myself within a Holistic Healing & Detox Spa, thus beginning my journey into the incredibly sustaining, intriguing and life giving art and lifestyle of cleansing & detoxification. I have never been so brave and assured with my choice to reach out for what I wanted. This is where my body and being led me and this experience is what shaped my current practice of guiding others to the embodiment of a Conscious Lifestyle, where cleansing is interwoven into every aspect.

Why you ask?!

Because of this...

'It has been scientifically established that cells inside the body regenerate at different speeds - liver cells in 6 weeks, stomach lining cells in 3 days, eye cells in less than 48 hours.

Why is it, you might ask, that a liver riddled with cancer in January would still be riddled with cancer in June? As the liver cells regenerate every 6 weeks, they would already have regenerated several times.
That's a good question to ask don't you think?

Traumatic Memory
Dr Chopra said all of us have, what he calls, 'phantom memories' stored inside our cells. What he means is that inside the degenerative cell lies a traumatic memory. And before that degenerative cell dies, it actually passes on its memory to the next cell generation being born. So the new cell is born as an exact replica of the previous cell. Thus the cells keep replicating themselves, passing on the degenerative memory from one generation to the next and so on. 

Cell memory retains ill-causing information

This is why, when you look at January and you see a liver that's riddled with cancer, it would be riddled with cancer in June. It may have replicated itself many times, and yet, what it's replicating is the degenerative cell pattern stored inside.'


Read the full article on Cellular Healing, here.

With this understanding, we can harmonize our lifestyle choices and self-care habits, with the natural renewal of our cells.

This may even result in a cleanse! Cleansing is a beautiful practice that can be added into your daily routine as well as scheduled throughout the seasons and needs of your body & being.

I believe the intention behind the cleansing is as important as the engagement of the practice. As you watch this video below, I hope you hear something that sparks your interest to add in a little more purification in your life. Renewal means to be restored to a former state, and by this definition I conclude purity is our natural state!

Deciding to return to your former state is a responsibility and a shift on all levels of your experience. Many do not consider the emotional vulnerability that may accompany a cleansing ritual, even juice cleansing! Yes that is right, a juice cleanse may stir up those issues in your tissues and you find yourself realing through old patterns you thought you had let go of.

This is why I want you to know that choosing the road of purification is to choose to be vulnerable.

Cleansing may leave you feeling weak, which we do not like and often try to avoid. It may bring up weaknesses of all kinds, and to choose vulnerability means to embrace it all.

Without being vulnerable, you are not able to access all of the parts of yourself that need healing, suppression keeps the wound fresh. Sometimes it is not until you are knee deep in the cleansing before you begin to tune in to just how much of your actions are coming through from a place of shame. We do so much covering, pretending and suppressing to be seen as likable and what we do not realize is acting from shame can be so damaging to our cells.

The truth is everything in your reality is based off your perception (senses of the mind) and just because you have been choosing to act from a place of shame, rather than a place of vulnerability, does not mean that is where you have to stay. Embracing vulnerability will transcend into all areas of your well-being. It is human desire to be seen, touched, heard and valued and without putting yourself out there (vulnerable) these desires may turn into distant wishes and stagnation in your physical body. Being vulnerable begins with radical acceptance of WHAT IS, HERE AND NOW.

Start by loving yourself a little bit more. Begin to witness yourself with the curiosity of a kiddo, no judgement, just observation.

If you want to read more on the topic of vulnerability, check out this article about Brene Brown, the leading researcher in this topic.

I encourage you all to become a little more vulnerable this month. Before you say, NO WAY, know that vulnerability is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes and the easier it is to respond from this place.

Every little bit counts.

Stay tuned this month as I get vulnerable with all of you!

And for now, enjoy watching this vlog, as I dive deeper into the topics of cleansing and vulnerability.

Yours in vulnerable expression,




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