Self-care from Cell to Soul!

Deeper Levels of Self-Care

Hiya Conscious Co-creators! 

Happy August & Full Moon! 

During Full Moon's emotions run high and it can be a wonderful time to offer yourself additional self-care, which is connected to this month's topic: CARE, a vital ingredient to living a more Conscious Lifestyle. 

As you may know by now, I LOVE using definitions as a starting point to dive deeper into the meaning and associations of the topics we explore together

As a loving reminder, here is the definition: 


to look after and provide for the needs of.

provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance & protection of someone or something. 

The picture you create, based off this definition, is entirely shaped by your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and relationship to the word CARE. 

For example, if you grew up in a family where you had to provide for many others, you may associate care with obligation or feeling of lack. If you grew up feeling deeply supported by your loved ones your association with care may take on a more positively enveloping one.

Evaluating what you belief care is all about can be a wonderful first step in aligning yourself with greater care, for yourself and others. 

This is why I believe Self-Care is SO important. When we provide ourselves with genuine love and care we invite in more integration of all areas of our wellbeing, thereby activating more and more of our conscious awareness. This is what it means to give from a full cup and this type of care is regenerative in nature. 

Tune into the QUALITY of care you are providing yourself, which acts as a barometer, using the measurement of how you feel as the indicator. 

In the video below, I share more about my personal experience of this topic and additional insights of how to tune into quality of care.

. I challenge you to a month of tuning into what YOU need to provide yourself with a deeper sense of CARE. 

Explore the topic of care and the concept of over care in my monthly vlog HERE

The Heart Math Solution, a book Danae recommends in this video.

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