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Embracing Change

Happy September & Labor Day! 

I am so grateful to connect with you once again and to share more about my favorites in September. I just love this month because of the change that it brings, as we officially invite in the season of fall. 

Speaking of change, that is exactly what I want to talk to you all about, this month. For some, this word brings up lots of enthusiasm and others it brings up fear or resistance. There are some changes in our life that we crave and invite in, while other changes we resist with both heels in the ground. Whatever your connection is, the reality is that it is inevitable and one of the only true constants we can count on. You may or may not be aware that even your ENTIRE body replaces itself within a years time. 

To truly live consciously and co-creatively we need to live in a space of cooperation, which includes embracing all change; even the change we do not expect. Often the change(s) we DO want we find ourselves resisting because of subconscious programming that is in disagreement with what is right in front of us; this can be change that is perceived as positive or negative. We can resist changes that seem difficult, or not at our request, and we can resist change that will bring more positivity into our lives.

A good example of this is working so hard for success only to achieve it and instead of enjoying it you find yourself anxious and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Your programmed beliefs are not in alignment with the actuality of who you now are and what you HAVE achieved. I share more about why this is in the video below. 

There is SO much in our life that is out of our control. What we do have is free will and conscious choice. We CAN choose to lean into change and we can do so with enthusiasm. We can look at what appears to be destruction and see it as the first step to transformation. Sometimes falling apart IS necessary to the path of your self evolution. 

Embracing change is a process of awareness, alignment, allowing and letting go; so that life can show up for you. When a change is feeling extra difficult and I cannot see where it is leading me, I remind myself that there are no failures, only feedback. 

If you want to hear more about my feelings and insight on change, click on the video below and stay connected with me, this month, on social media and this blog. I will share more about my favorite ways to embrace change as well as a new delicious fall recipe!
TRUST that all in this life is FOR you and when you lean in your life will become oh so magical! 

I love to hear your feedback about how this is going for you, questions and comments so please feel free to comment on my blog or email me at

Hand in hand, through change we stand!


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