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My life has been colorful since I was born. Looking back, it is easy to see the threads which have intricately woven together my Conscious Lifestyle. There are clear themes of what brings me true happiness and without my conscious presence and reflection, who knows if this journey would have been as spectacular!? This is the story of my journey to the eye of my storm, where I found peace and my ability to share my gifts with others. Essentially, my experiences that have led me to create a platform for y(our) Conscious Lifestyle.

More about Little Danae…
I am half Canadian, half Texan and the oldest child of eight, from a blended family. Living in this colorful arrangement, meant I spent my childhood either in Texas or in Canada. Yes, I have to say it made for a very interesting childhood and I would not have the diverse understanding of family, the world or self-care without this experience.
Truth be told, I have always known of the power of natural healing. Even as a child I refused to take medicine. There was a voice inside of me that deeply understood the healing power of my body, I believed I could fix it on my own. My intuitive voice has always been very loud and because of my situation, and moving back and forth, I was able to tap into this voice at a very young age. Also, I always opted for fruits and veggies, I talked to animals and was obsessed with healing crystals….Healer in training, I was!

It is very important to me that my clients, family, friends, colleagues, etc (basically EVERYONE) know that my passion for whole person healing stems from a very personal place. I talk the talk and walk the walk. Here are some of the profound events that led me to this beautiful, abundant place in my life, I fully embrace and call it my Conscious Lifestyle.

 Ongoing Event #1
My two youngest brothers are Autistic. Keith and Kyle are two young men that have forever changed my world, most definitely for the better. The emotions and stories created through living with Autistic brothers are so plentiful and a story within themselves. Knowledge has always been my safety blanket in situations I feel I have no control over, so as a teenager/young adult, I chose to empower myself through researching Autism; causes & cures alike. Along with my research, I involved myself with my local Autism Society. Also, my father and stepmother were an integral force in creating a voice for my brothers in our area and throughout the province of Ontario. The more information I read and was subjected to, the more undeniable it became that this dis-ease was both complex and undiscovered. More importantly, it has become an epidemic. It’s clear to see, there are outside factors contributing to the dramatic rise in the diagnosis of Autism.

This realization and the countless data I gathered, gave me a glimmer of hope. I felt there were deeper questions not being asked, which propelled my exploration in discovering the true well of healing. I believe if we asked these questions and if we are in some way influencing Autism, than maybe we can change it. I am not proposing that I know a cure for Autism, but it is MY glimmer of hope that I will get to hear my baby brother Keith's voice.

Event #2

At the young age of 22, I started to lose feeling in my left thumb. After a few weeks of an extremely numb, tingly thumb I decided, out of sheer annoyance, that I should have it checked out.

At the time, I had a really amazing family doctor that understood my detest for being examined. After explaining my symptoms and concerns to her, she decided to schedule a follow-up, with a new doctor, to do some testing. The testing was for my nerve conductivity. What I remember is being stuck with needles, in all of the muscles of my left forearm and hand; which were hooked up to a machine graphing information, foreign to me!

Looking back on that experience, it is amazing how naïve being youthful can be. I was more concerned with the experience of the tests than of the outcome.

The results of the tests revealed that I had severe neuropathy in my left forearm. I was sent to a neurologist to determine what could have caused this damage, since I had not had any particular injury to my arm. My visit to the neurologist amplified that of my previous doctor's visit tenfold. This time I got to be a human pin cushion, needles sticking out of every major muscle in EACH of my extremities. Please take a second to visual ME as a human voodoo doll... I'm always trying to find humor among life's curveballs. The results from that test concluded that I had nerve damage in both arms and legs, comparable to that of a senior citizen. I am not sure there are words to describe the mixture of emotions I felt at this time. I felt relieved to find an explanation to my pain, confused about what this meant my future held, and perplexed as to exactly what this all meant (among other emotions running through my body).

The next few months consisted of seeing multiple neurologists, rheumatologists and a lot of other 'ists whose exact titles I can't remember.

The only thing they all seemed to agree upon was that my situation seemed to be very unique (but aren’t we all?). Typically, neuropathy, of my severity, would be accompanied by muscle deterioration, which I was not suffering from. Along with these conclusions came a plethora of medications to 'try' to see if my symptoms would alleviate. Other than a numb thumb, I also experienced fatigue (the kind that makes you vomit and have to pull onto the side of the road for fear of passing out), stiffness and pain throughout my entire body. The only way to describe the pain would be to compare it to the aches you get from the flu, except some days it would be so bad that I couldn't close my hand or even use covers when I slept because the weight of the sheets were too much. Some of the medications I received temporarily helped with the aches, but the side effects I had were much worse than the original complaint. One medication had me so out of it that I couldn't even write my name! After that particular drug, I decided to ask my neurologist about alternatives.

On my next visit, I explained the side effects I was experiencing. I also expressed my distress that although the medicine was helping slightly, I still was no closer to an answer as to why my young body was failing me.

After first suggesting to double my dosage (remember I said I couldn't write my name on this medication) his response was this: “Well do you want to hurt or do you not want to hurt? That should be the question as to whether or not you take this medication.”

Maybe his response was not as profound as I received it, but this was my AH HA moment.

Did I want to spend the rest of my life in slightly less pain, swollen feet and kindergarten penmanship? Or worse, long-term effects on my organs and quality of life?

My answer was no. I left his office feeling defeated, but with every intention of finding a way to an answer that would bring me relief both internally and externally.

Event #3
After leaving my neurologist's office I embarked on a mission to learn as much as I could about a more natural approach to health & well being, particularly pain relief. On the days I felt better I would exercise, which has ALWAYS been extremely healing for me. I also started experimenting with more home cooked meals, trying them out on my friends and family. I must say, cooking is one of my FAVORITE past times, it is one of the only activities I participate in where time goes unnoticed. I also LOVE cooking for others, witnessing the joy on their faces when they indulge in one of my creations, is priceless. It's breath-taking for me!

As my health began to improve, I started to look at other areas of my life; where was I lacking and where was I balanced? I noticed that I didn't see my life headed in a direction with any particular purpose. While it's always been very clear to me that I was meant to help and guide others, I was still very unsure as to how to embody this.

For a year and a half I researched schools, in the genre of natural health & wellness, and somehow I was always led back to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. What attracted me the most, was the combination of nutrition (Hello! I LOVE food) with a holistic approach (also very spiritual!).

I enrolled at IIN in January of 2012, and my life has been a whirlwind ever since! Every element of my life has improved including; my relationships, spirituality, career, and of course, my physical body.

During this time I became aware of a gluten intolerance, which was the culprit of my fatigue and digestive problems. I was in the perfect place at the perfect time to receive all of the support I needed to make the transition to gluten-free. For anyone who has done so, you know how emotional and traumatic it can be. You literally have to change virtually everything in your diet and lifestyle! YES! Gluten can be hidden in your hair products, supplements, seasonings and more.

Becoming a Health Coach has allowed my pain and my brothers' voices to not be in vain. Through my studies at IIN, and my own healing, I am able to reciprocate these gifts to YOU!! At IIN, I have been trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

In addition to clean eating, Yoga created new space and propelled my life into a new direction. When I was at my worst, I would lay and breathe into the muscles that were having pain (or sometimes lacking feeling). I quickly noticed how focusing and sending breath created more space and eased my pain. This was my internal yogi coming out. The more I discovered about yoga the more I understood the intrinsic link with the breath. Yoga became a non-negotiable in my self-care routine. The benefits I have received go far beyond the physical, reaching into the spiritual and mental realm. Movement has always been a priority in my life and yoga helped me embody it. So that I can offer more support to my clients I also received certification in barre, yoga and meditation.

My Now…

I feel more grounded and enlivened than I ever have. I have FANTASTIC relationships in my life, a thriving career, boundless energy and a humble understanding of how to live MY life to the fullest. I know what lights me up and what brings me down. I choose the easy path (less resistance) because I have a personal passion and awareness of Quantum physics and our mind/body connection. I offer cooking classes, biofeedback sessions, nutrition coaching, motivational speaking, natural products & desserts for sale and anything health and wellness I can dive into.

What I know now is that there is Divine order in everything. Beauty is the reflection of this order and all true beauty is radiant in nature. Every choice I make affects my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Intuition is my guiding system and it is communicated through my thoughts & emotions.

In the simplest of understanding, the body operates as a feedback loop. My commitment is to support this feedback loop with as much positive input as I can. Self-care is the language I speak to show my cooperation. The more I practice, the easier it gets.

My desire is to provide resources for education, motivation and tangible tools to guide others to this sustainable, joyful lifestyle. Self-care IS the new health-care and through my personal experience and education, I have tapped into what it truly means to care for ourselves; mind, body, spirit and our greater impact on the world.

Each personalized or group program I create, embodies timeless wisdom with practical application. It is one thing to have the knowledge and something entirely different to be motivated to implement it. It is my desire to provide the space and tools so that you can have both.

Healing emotional trauma and creating a deeper Spiritual connection are the final ingredients in my Conscious Lifestyle. Because I want to support others in healing their own spiritual disconnection, I recently received a license in Spiritual Health Coaching. Now we can dive into spiritual techniques and practices, together.

Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized "roadmap to success" that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals through a variety of modalities. I want you to remember the intuitive voice within and your very own healing abilities.

My mission is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you, to help you retain the vibrancy you were born with. With my guidance, we will create a personal step-by-step program to help you reach your goals while making REAL and LASTING lifestyle changes for yourself...and maybe those around you too! When we're living a life of abundance, others tend to want to become abundant too.

Radiant Self-Care is my game so you can find me chasing natural solutions, clean beauty and being a catalyst for positive change! Join me on my journey and engage with me through my social media posts, blogs, group workshops and personalized services.

To Y(our) health & happiness!

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